What do I do about my daughter

I am not sure where to start but what do I do about my daughter. She just turned 11 and is 119 lbs.

I was always a chunky kid but looking back at photos I was not as big as I had thought I was. I hoped maybe when she hit her growth spurt she would slim down some and I am still waiting for that.

She does seem concerned about it and I remember people telling me when I was a kid, "don't eat that, you will get fat". I don't want to give her any further self esteem and weight issues but I am not sure: What do I do about my daughter.

My biggest concern by far is the amount of junk food she eats. I have never been one to really keep a bunch of junk food, chips and sweets, in the house but on a rare occasion someone will send something home or I will buy a tray of cookies or some ice cream bars at the store as a treat.

My daughter will sneak them until she has eaten all of them. I don't notice usually; because I seldom eat sweets but when I go to get one for myself there will be none left.

Sometimes she will ask and I will allow her but most of the time she just helps herself. Short of just not having it in the house or keeping it in a locked cabinet are there any other suggestions?

I do not want to give her a complex but this is frightening to me and makes me wonder if there are other underlying issues or problems that will surface in the future with the sneaking and hoarding.

I have had some ice cream bars hidden in the freezer for 3 weeks now and there are several left but only because she does not know they are there. I have tried hiding other stuff but she always finds it and when I go back to it there is none left.

She also lies about it and says I told her she could have it or that she didn't eat them all but I know she did because we are the only two in the house and I know I haven't eaten them.

What do I do about my daughter???

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Your daughter first needs to realize that there is a problem and own up to it. Lying and sneaking solves nothing and simply prolongs the problem. Try engaging in non aggressive conversation from the heart about your concerns and work out a plan that works for both of you.

Perhaps this page will help.

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