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I can relate
by: Mary

I have no advise, can only sympathize because I'm in the same boat.....I totally relate to your story.

My daughter is 12. She goes nonstop, trampoline, dance, etc. She is 5'2" and 140lbs. I tried not making food an issue, but it's impossible. Every meal becomes an argument.

She only notices she is larger when she looks at photos, otherwise she seems to think she is fine. I was hoping that it was a phase, but its not.

She also sneaks and eats. I just had a conversation with my husband this morning to find new hiding places. This would be for crackers, whole grain fruit bars, pretzels.

We don't keep a lot of this, but try to sprinkle some in her lunch so she also doesn't feel deprived. All of her friends have cookies, and some treats in their lunch I'm told. Problem is they don't eat but a few bites.

It seems she doesn't have the mechanism to know how full she is. Everytime I mention health, which I emphasize and not weight, she hits the ceiling. A hot tempered and strong willed child, she doesn't like to hear about food.

I have no fattening snacks in the house, no sugary drinks. But in this culture, the kids still find access whether its at a friends house (they're all very thin), at school, parties, relatives, girl scouts, you name it...

it often feels like it's me against the world when it comes to limiting the calories.

I'm desperate for answers myself!

A few good suggestions
by: Jason Fellows

I think the best solution for you and your daughter is to try to add healthier snacks that your daughter enjoys.

These days many junk food is offered in 100 calorie packs, simply reducing the amount of calories your daughter intakes but still having the same snacks she enjoys will help.

Having fruits cut up and ready to eat can also help your daughter make healthier choices. Also what type of beverages do you have in your home? Soda adds so much unnecessary calories, so I would suggest avoiding that as much as possible.

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