Weight Loss Cover Up Exposed

If you have never heard of Weight Loss Cover Up Exposed you are missing out on a great resource. Why are so many children and adults fighting obesity and weight issues? Why do certain foods cause allergies? Diet and exercise are the key components to weight loss, however, I can provide you with information on how to feed your whole family and avoid the consequences of obesity.

Astrid Lasco, B.Sc. was determined to know the facts so she spent two years on research. What she discovered is that there are only a few substances that should be avoided to lose weight. Thankfully she compiled her research into an easy to read and understand format.

The result was weight loss cover up exposed. I was in awe by her courage, tenacity, and integrity in writing this e-book. Thanks to her “out of the box” thinking she has helped thousands lose the unwanted pounds and get their health back.

What Weight Loss Cover-Up Exposed Is All About

It explains to you what foods and substances that must be avoided. ( a few surprises).

Why the craze on “bad cholesterol” is a myth and how it is making people ill.

What specific dietary fats will help you lose your own body fat.

Why you should not follow the current nutritional guidelines. Facts and sources to back up her claim.

How to know the difference between synthetic vitamins and natural vitamins.

What food additives can make you sick.

Why no-fat, low-fat, no-calorie foods make you gain weight.

And more.

Astrid's initial presentation is lengthy but it is also captivating. Her e-book provides responses to questions that no one, until now, have been able to answer. Her book comes with 12 bonus gifts. I particularly feel that the listing of GM foods and non GM foods is worth the price of the book alone. It is much easier than trying to remember each product.

I have never been a proponent to quick weight loss diets but since she has had requests on the subject she has included them in her bonuses. It is noted that these quick weight loss solutions should not be used for any real length of time. Be sure to follow her guidance when implementing a quick weight loss diet.

The most important thing is for you to get the facts. Hopefully you and your family will lose weight like Astrid did when she found out about these secrets.

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