Type 2 Diabetes Obesity

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Type 2 diabetes obesity is a condition where the body doesn't produce enough insulin or is incapable of processing the insulin. The pancreas produces insulin which is the vehicle that moves blood sugar, also known as glucose, into the cells for energy.

When our cells are deprived of glucose our body's can not process it into energy. Too much glucose stays in the blood stream causing type 2 diabetes obesity.

You may be asking why the cells are being deprived of glucose. And that is a very good question. It's called insulin resistance meaning the fat, liver, and muscle cells are not responding to the insulin so they can't store sugar for energy. The pancreas keeps making more insulin causing high blood sugar which is called Hyperglycemia. Obese children have a high risk of developing insulin resistance because the fat disrupts the body's ability to use the insulin.

Most Common Symptoms

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes obesity and insulin resistance are subtle and sometimes hard to detect. The top three would be frequent urination, thirst, and fatigue. We already know that excess body fat has limited the body's ability to absorb insulin leaving high levels of glucose in the blood stream.

The kidneys response to high blood sugar levels is to flush out excess glucose in the form of urine which causes dehydration. Because of the frequent urination the body needs to replenish the liquids so your child will drink more fluids and since the body isn't storing the glucose for energy your child will be tired.

Physical Risks

According to recent statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) one in every three children has a very good chance of becoming a type 2 diabetic in their lifetime. Children today could possibly live three to five years less than the current rate.

Besides the obvious health risks associated with obesity such as cancer, kidney failure, and heart disease some may develop more physical effects. Excessive weight puts a strain on the knees and lower back. Type 2 diabetes obesity could cause nerve damage because of the weight problem.

A Healthy Solution

The simplest solution is to make healthy lifestyle changes through better diet and exercise. The best place to start is to do it as a family. This way your obese child won't feel as though you are making special sacrifices just for them and the entire family will benefit.

Educate yourself and your child about type 2 diabetes obesity so you all better understand what is happening with them. Eliminate unhealthy foods and eat foods that are low in saturated fats. Include more fruits and vegetables into their daily diet and serve whole grain breads and cereals instead of refined products.

Limit the amount of time spent watching television or using the computer and encourage more exercise. This also should be done as a family. Take a walk around the block after dinner or go for a bike ride as a family. Not only will you be getting the exercise but you'll also be bonding. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled and even eliminated once your obese child gets to their proper weight.

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