Teased Obese Children
Bury The Pain

teased obese child

Kids in general have a tendency to pick on the weakest link and the teased obese children are prime targets. They can actually be downright nasty. Obese children may hide their emotions from the taunting but deep inside the hurt runs deep. Obese children have lower self esteem, have violent outbursts, get to the point of tears, not to mention the health risks.

They want to be like the other kids but by not being accepted they get into the “I don't care” anymore frame of mind. This is a dangerous space for the obese child to be in. They start to feel isolated and shameful which doesn't solve any of their problems.

The teasing actually makes the situation worse because they begin thinking that there is no hope. Their physical appearance and lack of peers causes them to develop other serious emotional issues that can be dangerous.

The obese child wants help and in some cases therapy may be the only answer not because of the obese issue but because of the loneliness issue.

Many times parents treat the obese child differently. It is not intentional but subconsciously they treat them differently. When they become aware of this there is a need to nurture hurt feelings and help rebuild self esteem.

What Can We Do To Change This trend?

As a family we need to stick together and put ourselves in their shoes. We need to feel that pain and do something about it. Clean out the cupboards of junk food and replace it with healthy snacks. Stock up on fruits and vegetables. Encourage them to eat more slowly . Most importantly we need to change our own lifestyles to promote a healthier environment. Proper nutrition, exercise, and love will do wonders for the obese child and it won't hurt us any either. Start today because tomorrow never comes.

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