Sleep Apnea Obesity
Cause And Effect

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If you find it difficult to get a good nights rest it's possible that you suffer from sleep apnea obesity. Everybody needs a good nights rest to function properly and be active. This is a condition when not breathing (apnea) lasts for more than 10 seconds while sleeping.

During episodes of apnea the oxygen levels drop to unsafe levels which is cause for irregular heart beats. People who suffer from this disorder have a higher risk of heart attacks or strokes.

Central SA is when the part of the brain that controls respiration causes the muscles that are used in breathing not to respond. This changes the oxygen levels in the blood stream. When the oxygen levels get too low you are awakened by an automatic breathing reflex.

Obstructive SA mostly occurs by airway passages being blocked by fatty tissue in the neck. The airway passages can also be obstructed by the tongue, tonsils, and uvula.

SA is most common in obesity although some individuals who have large necks can also become victims of this sleep disorder. Being deprived of sleep causes some risks too such as sleeping while driving, sleeping at work, or any other obscure time. They also have a tendency to experience headaches, memory lapses, lack of energy, or shortness of breath.

It's a well known fact that when people don't get enough sleep they are less active. Being less active, of course, means less exercise. SA and obesity are commonly connected the question is which one causes the other.

That all depends on how you want to look at it. If sleep apnea causes obesity because of fatigue and less exercise. Does that mean that obesity does not cause sleep apnea because of the blocked airway passages due to enlarged necks and fatty tissue?

There may be another explanation and it has to do with two hormones. Leptin which suppresses appetite and increases energy. Grehlin which increases food intake. SA lowers the leptin and raises the grehlin. What this means is less energy more desire to eat.

Wake Up Call

The best solution for sleep apnea obesity is to get on a strict diet and lose the pounds. A ten percent reduction in weight reduces the severity of SA by fifty percent. As with any weight loss plan exercise needs to be part of the program. With improved nutrition and exercise you will finally get a good nights sleep.

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