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We have similar situation
by: Anonymous

I believe that youu should try to homeschool for a time and here's why:

1. You need to give your daughter time to heal emotionally and sending her to school where she is humiliated and feels lower than dirty in her perspective is not healthy for her

2. You can order homeschool curriculum that is completely online and keeps tracks of grades. You do not have to be the teacher. She can still take standardized tests to ensure she is on target with other kids in her grade. This curriculum has a separate login for parents and students. It gives u a calendar and allows u to select days off and tells u when student is behind. I love it:

3. Find a good fitness trainer and make that a weekly accountability issue

4. Make a weekly school schedule together and include fun ways for her to get exercise daily. She could offer to take a neighbors dog for a walk or help in a local stable with horses. Find what she likes.

5. You may want to consider regular counseling. Counseling that you attend with her will do two things:
1. Deal with the weight issue and how it effects her emotionally and physically.
2. Hold you both accountable to talk about progress of your plan. You can discuss rewards and loss of privileges for following or not following the healthy lifestyle plan

This is advice for me too. I have two daughters who are string beans and one who is overweight like me. She is 11 and weighs 200 lbs. we love our fitness coach. She makes exercising fun and changes up the hour they spend together doing different things.

There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel!
by: Randi L.

Long before entering the culinary world I was; and thus will always be a teacher, and mental health pro. Therefore, I have a bit of an inside clue on how to overcome child obesity with experiential ease.

James Rouses' response was right on, but I am going to take it a step further and suggest that you provide healthier food options within the home such as getting rid of all soda, all prepackaged (poccessed) foods and begin making and eating only homemade food and snacks.

The above is obvious and Mom you are doing good, for reaching out is a grand step! However to raise your daughter's sense of personal security as well as her self esteem while reducing the amount of flab requires another step stated in a suggestion:

Why not set up a plan with the schools PE teacher/sports coach whereby your daughter works out (Weight lifting, callistenics, etc.) with the school athletes early in the morning or after school. Sure initially they may pick, but their coach will not allow such, and as she starts to develop some muscle while decreasing some of that weight and associated flab friendships will develop and she will begin to look and feel better about herself.

As her self image improves, she may gain the confidence to ignore those bullies simply by smiling at them and walking away.

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