The School Run
Make It The School Walk

Children are not getting enough exercise and nutrition these days so why the school run? With the evolution of cool electronic gadgets our children are lured into less physical activity. In many cases they are so mesmerized by these gadgets that proper nutrition is compromised.

A high percentage of children are on computers or cell phones before breakfast and in some cases in place of breakfast. When school ends they are back at it – cell phone in one hand and fingers typing away at myspace on the other.

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The school run has become quite popular over the past decade or two. The reasons for this are decisions that have been made on a family to family basis. Some of the most common reasons are the need for two income sources . Since both parents have to work it is more convenient to drive their children to school.

Plus if they have to leave for work before the bus arrives they are sure that their children are at school. Unless, of course, they have a work from home job but many parents utilize this morning time to run errands while it is quiet.

Other reasons are the fear of being hit by a car and also the fear of abduction. Ironically, the odds are increased that they could be hit by a car due to the fact that so many families are driving their kids to school. These are all legitimate reasons but there has to be a way around it.

When I was a child I walked to school with my friends. I realize that the world has changed a bit since then but groups are easier to spot than individuals. The odds of them getting hit or abducted are decreased and most schools have crossing guards to stop traffic.

Unless you happen to live too far from school let your children walk. The exercise won't hurt them any and there will be less emissions being burned at the school yard.

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