school lunch

Hello all...

Well let me start by saying from what my seven year old sees school lunch in our town has improved. they offer fresh fruits and vegetables.

I think this is wonderful but wish there was some way to eliminate the processed burgers and chicken nugget, patties and whatever else they con cock out of it. Breakfast for lunch??? does anyone else think this is ridiculous?

I believe the school lunch programs plays a major effect in our children s obesity. So many Americans receive free breakfast and lunch from the government or a reduced fee and this makes it easier for us to feed our children, yet, what are we subjecting them to?

EVERYONE should consider food that is all natural and try to shop local grown I know organic can be a little more expensive right now, but once people recognize what is good for us to eat and what is not then may be organic will become cheaper.

We are the consumers. Supply and demand is what the corporates are all about. If we demand healthier food they will supply healthier food.

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