Punishing Parents For Obese Children

by Michael
(London, England)

My wife and I have read articles about people who want to punish parents for obese children. We have one son who is categorized as obese and one son who is just a little overweight.

The general public doesn't understand the hurt that we feel every day watching our kids get teased and shunned by their school mates. We are by no means perfect but who is?

I could benefit from losing about 20 pounds and do try to watch what I eat. Punishing parents for obese children is never going to solve the problem. It only makes us angry and resentful.

Our family has a history of problems with weight control this is not an excuse. What I am saying is genetically our kids are at a disadvantage.

What do you do punish everyone who has a genetics problem? Our kids don't want to be overweight they want to be like the other kids.

Unfortunately because of the isolation the weight problem has gotten into their head. Now we are worried about how they are psychologically.

For those who want to punish parents for obese children I suggest they take a look in the mirror. Not at their weight but at their soul.

We all have flaws of some kind. Rather than waste so much energy on punishing how about diverting that energy into finding ways to help those who are at a disadvantage.

Ask their kids to include overweight kids in their activities. It just might be that they find out that there is an actually person under the skin.

Not only would they be being friendly they might help with obese kids self esteem. Feelings of self worth can do wonders.

Thank you for allowing us to share. We hope that you accept this because we feel that people need to hear the other side of the issue.

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