Overweight 11 year old son.

by Mandy

My son is 11 years old and weighs 112 lbs. he gained this weight so rapidly I have taken him for testing such as thyroid or some underlined cause that he gained so suddenly. All texts came out negative but of course his cholesterol was high. I have tried to cut out the starches, sugar, carbs... But he sneaks food. No one in our family has a weight problem and my younger children will have a snack and my son will go beg them for it. I give him fruit snacks, healthy snacks, and just found out he's trading his snacks and lunches with a friend at school. He isn't involved in any sports right now, which baseball was his favorite sport since he was 5, but he got to the point he couldn't run and was so tired out, he didn't like playing anymore. Another thing, he sweats so badly he came in the house the other day and it looked like he had played in the water hose. I just figured it was from the weight. I Have to buy him husky shorts and jeans, and even those are tight. The strangest thing to me, is his legs and arms are the size as some of his friends but his belly and face is huge. I don't know if there is a safe diet plan for kids, but I have to do something now! Also, without being mean, I have to make him realize he has a weight problem so he will stop eating unhealthy at school.

Please help!!

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