Obesity Camps

If you find yourself contemplating obesity camps for your overweight children you probably have tried every diet under the sun. You've come to the conclusion that its camp or surgery. From where I am sitting weightloss camp sounds like a lot more fun.

Surgery comes at a cost that is more than financial.

  • What if there are complications during surgery?
  • What happens after surgery?
  • What is learned by having surgery?
We live in a fast paced society and people want things done quickly. Surgery fits into that category. Your child will lose a lot of weight fast. Which brings me back to what is learned! Weightloss camp, on the other hand, is not about losing weight fast it is about learning how to lose weight and making changes in lifestyle to ensure that the weight stays off. Weightloss camp eliminates the worry of complications and best of all its educational. Weightloss camp beats surgery.

Most weightloss camps have guidelines before acceptance into their program. These guidelines will vary from camp to camp but the reasoning is more or less the same. They want their campers to be desperate and determined to reach their goals. The two keys to weight loss are nutrition and exercise. A good weightloss camp helps your child learn about nutrition and find fun ways to get exercise. Your child will be introduced to activities that he or she would never indulge in prior to camp for fear of ridicule or embarrassment. All campers are equal, they are at camp for the same reasons and they are all overweight.

The objectives of weightloss camps are to teach skills that will be practiced long after camp ends. These include making changes in eating habits, increasing the amount of daily exercise, and making adjustments in lifestyles. Your child will benefit from improved self esteem, body image, and overall health. The main difference between between weightloss camp and summer camp is the group sessions and the quality of the staff. Many campers come back to be councilors because of the learning experience and how camp changed their lives.

Tips On Choosing Obesity Camps

When choosing obesity camps it is important to do your own research. When you check their website look for the camper to councilor ratio and see if they have a testimonial page. Find out about their dietary program and qualifications of their staff. Do they have a post camp support system. How long have they been in business and do they have financing available. Obesity camp does come with a price tag but when it comes to your childs health. Priceless!

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