Nutritionist trying to fight Childhood Obesity

by Marta De Wulf
(Seattle, WA)

I have been a nutritionist trying to fight childhood obesity for 20 years in private practice. One of my obese clients asked me, "Why didn't anyone teach me basic nutrition when I was in 2nd grade and began to gain weight?" It was after hearing this that I designed and taught a children's nutrition program to over 2,800 students between the ages 5-12.

My passion is this: To teach people of all ages about nutrition and the role food plays in their lives. Too many adults tell me they never learned about the fundamental principles of nutrition and many have life threatening consequences. It can be different for our children!

Please help me with my effort by voting for my games in First Lady Michelle Obama's Apps for Healthy Kids contest. It is just the beginning, but it is a good place to push our effort!

Register then vote for these games:

Smash Your Food

What Food am I?

With great appreciation,

Marta De Wulf

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