My Daughter Is Obese And Getting Worse

by desperate father

I am concerned because my daughter is obese and getting worse. Her mother doesn't seem to be helping much or even trying to help prevent the weight gain.

There is only so much that I can do three weekends a month during our visitation. An 8 year old girl should not weigh almost 100 pounds and have clothes fit her one week and not the next.

What can I do? Can courts help? Her mother and I don't get along very well we are constantly in a struggle. My poor little princess is suffering and her mother is selfish. Please help.


Without coming across as being judgmental I would first suggest that you and your ex put your differences aside for your daughters benefit.

I'm sure you both love your daughter equal and want what is best for her. It is possible that part of her weight problem is emotional. She may be using food as a way of soothing her pain.

Take a look at the big picture. Did her weight start to become an issue after you and your ex went your separate ways? Or were there some weight issues before.

Are you or your ex obese. An astonishing number of obese children have one or more obese parents.

The first order of business should be to take her to your family doctor to determine if there are any glandular problems. Typically the doctor will ask about your own eating habits. Parents whether living together or not are role models so it all starts at home.

When your daughter visits avoid talking about the weight issue and about your ex. Instead enjoy your time and be the leader.

Buy more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Teach your daughter about proper nutrition and eating habits.

This website has lots of information at your disposal. She just might learn something and take that knowledge back to her mother. Bad habits are hard to break so encourage her and realize there will be slip ups.

I would avoid the courts and concentrate on your daughter. There are groups of people who would like to punish parents for obese children but that only makes matters worse.

Instead focus on your daughter, try to avoid conflict with your ex, and give your "little princess" lots of love.

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