My Child Is Huge

by gurtrude
(brittish columbia)

My child is huge, in my eyes, about 5 years old and he is very fat.

I can't get him to eat healthy. All he eats is Twinkies; I've tried to stop buying them but when we go to the grocery store he would whine and scream and even at times curse.

I've tried to get him to go to the gym but he's too fat to walk there. At school people call him mean names like: SUMO WRESTLER, and tubby and other mean things.

He comes home EVERY night and cries and when he cries he gets hungry and eats more.

My son is about 5 years old and weighs 115 pounds.

I've thought about the Jenny Craig Diet but I'm not sure what to do.


It is not recommended for children to go on diets. I'm sure you already know that diet and exercise is the best solution. Have you taken your son to the family doctor to talk about his eating habits and self esteem?

Talking about his weight issue and a solution is my best advice at this time because of his tender age. He comes home sad from the taunting at school but then makes a scene at the store. I'm sure he wants to be like the other kids in school and having open communication should help.

Have you taken a look at the family eating habits? Obesity is a family issue so changing the diet as a family will make his progress much easier on him. You have to be able to say no for his own good.

Get rid of the junk food in the house and stock up on more whole foods including whole grains. I have a page on this site Proper Teen Diet And Exercise even though your son is not a teen these suggestions will work for him.

You can also try Children's Shakes which you'll find will build his energy level as well curbing his appetite. As he starts to lose the weight his self esteem will improve. I have faith in him overcoming this and starting to live a normal life again. Good luck

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