my 8 year old daughter is obese

by geri b

since she was little my mom, my sister and her father watched her. they passified her with food. she was very sensitive, I stopped them from being her regular care givers but she didnt do well in a day care environemnt. pre-school. My family over fed her. do you want cake? do you want ice cream do you want more food. I would yell, scream, etc. I even took her to a nutritionist and made my husband come. was told that a 6 year old needed 2400 cal a day but everything was cirled, etc. Then we set up a healthy snack shelf in frig. she could choose her own snacks to put on shelf, yougurt, veggies, apples, etc. that didnt work when her father made her huge sundaes with all the trimmings. he is over wieght I am about 117 pounds.5'6 I just naturally burn calories, I always have. I couldnt gain weight if I tried. and I have.

I am scared for my little girl. I feel ashamed that we have let it get this far. I worry about diabeties. I am wondering if there are any weight loss camps that the mom can go with the child or any studies available. I dont want to send her off to camp alone. I saw this webpage that says wight gain is due to lack of certain hormones and exces of others. I have had her the majority of the time over the last few months. I have been working with her, but she hasnt lost any wieght only gained more.
Its important to add that at no time, or circumstance have I made her feel bad, or hurt her feelings. I do not let this affect her personnal outlook on herself. I do tell her how beautiful she is, and smart, etc. But i do ask her when she wants snacks insead of this, ( icecream, etc) how about some fruit cut up, etc.

I need help to help her. can you lead me in the right direction

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