by Shailene Fox (:
(Cleveland TN )

you cant say that McDonalds is not a problem or cause to obesity. over 50% of teens eat at McDonald. I have nothing bad against McDonalds except I wanna stay skinny. look at the workers. most of them eat Mcdonalds food. have you noticed most of them are "chubby". I'm not joking. I started to notice this when I went to Mcdonalds.

I have to do a speech on any topic I want. and I have choosen teen obesity because a lot of teens lives are ruined because of fast food. I wanted to know the truth about McDonalds food. and I want to know how many people have actually gotten fat from eating at McDonalds. email me at and tell me your story. Or tell it right here. I want to put a STOP to teen obesity. Help me by sending me your story and tell me what you have eaten from McDonalds. Don't be afraid.

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