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not true
by: sarah

although McDonalds is a cause of teenage obesity, it isn't necessarily true that people who eat there are chubby.

I eat fast food all the time, including McDonalds but I am still on the bottom side of healthy weight. I am skinny and I am also very healthy, although I run often I would still be skinny otherwise.

Sarah it is true that all fast food restaurants are not THE cause. However, they are strong contributors to obesity particularly those who don't exercise like you do.

One thing that really concerns me is the fast food employees. Have you ever observed the weight issues in general of fast food workers?

by: Anonymous

Hell, My name is Breanna Seitz and I have noticed that many over teens under the age of 17 are overweight, not just due to McDonalds, but also due to all fast food restaurants. I agree with what you have said and I have sent you an email, because I am part of a foundation to helping kids that are overweight. The team and I would be honored if you would come and talk with us.

Thank You,
Breanna Seitz

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