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I'd like to Thank You for visiting the Help Cure Child Obesity website and hope that your visit has been an informative one.

I've had many requests from visitors for permission to link my site to their website, blogs, or social bookmarking. It always pleases me to know that what I am trying to accomplish is of enough value that they take the time to ask. My answer, of course, is always an enthusiastic "yes". It's times like these that make you realize that it's worth all the effort. I often receive comments from readers whose hearts I have touched or nerves I have hit and it sometimes puts a tear in my eye. Such as the following from an article I wrote which I eventually turned into a page thanks to the responses.

Kayla wrote: Comments on article "Teenage Dieting Could Lead To Problem Dieting"

i think it is stupid for kids my age to starve themselves just to look good i mean all you have to do is join a sport and get physical and you will loose weight the right way! i am 13 and i weigh 88 pounds and all i had to do is be physical

Brooke wrote: Comments on article "Obese Children Get Picked On Too Much!"

i wonted to say that this sis true! i am one of thoes dat kids and when i read this i started to cry and i thought that he was talking about me because that is EXACTUALY what i act like and i have very low self esteem. I wanted to say thanks for careing!

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