How To Turn Your Knowledge Into A Business

Have you ever thought about turning your passion, hobby, or knowledge into a business. It may not be as difficult as you think. I turned my knowledge and deep passion about child obesity into a comfortable income that continues to grow monthly.

It all happened rather accidentally. While doing research on line I literally stumbled upon the all in one, site building, and marketing software that made this all become a reality.

Site Build It!. By nature I am a bit of a skeptic so I did my own research. Knowing that you can't please all of the people all of the time I was intrigued by the results. I found there were two camps.

The naysayers mostly consisted of webmasters who were familiar with coding and built successful businesses the traditional way. Then there were the SBIers who had succesfully turned their knowledge into a business and were making a decent living off of it.

What I discovered by doing my research was that SBIers are so passionate about the system that they took it rather personally when people wrote negative comments. This kind of passion prompted me to look into some of these sites and I was surprised by how some of them had turned their knowledge into a business. They were very creative.

What really sold me on the software was ' the package' and 'the guide'. Since I knew nothing about how to build a website I needed my hand held, so to speak.

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

The software comes with a 10 day action guide. Following the action guide exactly as illustrated will improve your success rate. Most people who have troubles have not followed the guide day to day. In other words jumping from day 4 to day 6 is a no-no. It only slows down the process and forces you to redo some work.

Turn Your Knowledge Into A Business On A Solid Foundation

The first step is learning how to use the Brainstorm-It Tool to find the best keywords for your site. Brainstorm-It will give you a list of keywords related to your seed word.

All you need to do is choose the most profitable keywords to build your pages around. By profitable I mean words related to your sites theme that have a high demand and low supply when people type them into search engines.

This is how Brainstorm-It does it:

The Brainstorm-It software sends out the “seed word” (a generic word related to your sites theme) to a specialized list of search engines and searches other websites using that specific keyword. It brings back a list of the top websites using that keyword.

Then it searches the code within those sites and returns a list of all other keywords that are related to the seed word. The list also includes how many times each keyword was keyed into the search boxes by internet users conducting a search.

Finally that number is compared with how many times it was found in the database. The result is the keyword profitability based on supply and demand.

Repeat this process for as many generic keywords related to your sites theme as you feel fit. The end result will be a large list of keywords that you will trim down as you feel necessary.

Narrowing the list down to 200 words would give you a blue print for a 200 page website on which to turn your knowledge into a business. Each keyword being the main topic of each new page that you build. Your finalized list will stay stored in the Brainstorm-It Tool for further reference and can be sorted in any way that you feel fit.

Now that your site has a good solid foundation to build upon it is time to register your domain name. The software helps you find the perfect name for your site, registers it, and re-registers it every year. All included in the yearly cost of the software.

How Do You Turn Your Knowledge Into A Business?

This is when the fun begins. Choosing one of the most profitable keywords to build your home page is recommended. Then you start to build your tier 2 pages around the home pages main theme using your master keyword list which is stored in the Brainstorm-It Tool.

When you have your page built the way you like it the Analyze-It module will tell you how to make changes to your page so that it ranks well with the search engine spiders. Such as: you used your keyword too many times or not enough: you need to include 1 text link that includes your main keyword.

It even tells you exactly how many times to use your keyword based on the size of your page and where to use it. Once the Analyze-It test is passed you click the build it button and your page is live on the internet.

SBI submits your page to the search engines and makes sure your page is indexed. SBI also reports back to you, through the Site Central module, how your page ranks with the search engines.

All The Tools Needed To Turn Your Knowledge Into A Business

Here is a sneak peak at the tools that are included at no extra charge all for less than a dollar a day. These are state of the art tools that are constantly being tweaked, improved, and developed by the good knowledgeable people at SBI.

Keep in mind that these tools are made for people who have no technical background. But they are also developed for the more savvy webmasters. All to make our lives easier and to help us turn our knowledge into a business.

Compare SBI's tools and costs against the competition.

SBI has a team of engineers and experienced webmasters that are always working on the next new unique tool that they can add to their software. They are always trying to stay a step ahead of the competition which, of course, benefits us.

There is no fine print or sneaky wording. As a matter of fact, they continually remind you that this takes brains and motivation. And they prove it here. This is not a get rich quick program. If you are looking for get rich quick by all means save your money and don't become an SBIer.

On the other hand, if you have ever thought about starting a work from home business and are willing to apply yourself this may be what you have been looking for.

SBI is not for everyone. It is, however, for anyone that is passionate, motivated, and anyone who wants to turn their knowledge into a business.

The cost of SBI is $299.00/year and they have a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days there is a 100% money back no questions asked guarantee. Even after 30 days there is a prorated guarantee making SBI risk free. They even let you keep your domain name if you choose that this is not for you.

My biggest worry when I was considering SBI was that I didn't know how to write for the internet or how to be an affiliate marketer. If you find yourself feeling the same way you are in luck.

Net Writing Masters Course.

Affiliate Masters Course

“click on the links above to read your free Masters Courses. If you want to print a copy and review the books offline, right click to download.”

I've found these 2 e-books invaluable to my success. They are a must read for anyone who has any interest in turning their knowledge into a business. Whether its with SBI or another web builder these e-books show you the process.

Here is a small sample of some of different parts of the SBI website that may be useful to you if you are interested in becoming an SBI member.

Site Sell Services Learning to "do it yourself" is not for everybody. Some people need the “do it for me approach” There is no such thing as Get-Rich-Quick-And-Easy, so while SBI! does deliver success, it takes time and dedication. Time that you may not have. Site sell services will help you build a solid foundation.

Magic Start something magical. See the logic behind the C-T-P-M process.

Results View the results of other SBI members websites and see for yourself how they rank and what they look like.

Value Exchange You need links and not any links. You need relevant quality links that add value to your site. Search engines use links to help decide the relevancy of your site for keywords. The more relevant the higher in value.

The Action Guide This is the 10 day action guide which guides you through the steps needed to build a profitable on line business. It is suggested to read or watch the guide completely before you ”jump into” building your site. Digest as much as you can. It does seem overwhelming but in time you will turn your knowledge into a business.

Here's the proof.

Still unsure? Here's the proof.

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