Issues of today

by taylor

My issues of today story begins with how my family started having health problems. My mom went to the doctor and found out she had high blood pressure, and my dad went and found out he had diabetes.

Well, I have a little brother at the age of eight and he's really tall for his age, he's almost five feet tall. The doctor had told us he was overweight. So my mom, and dad did some brain storming and decided as a family we'll start working out at our local gym. It's a nice place but we have some issues.

We would go in for two months straight and do our thing, walk around for 30-40 minutes and then go the weight room. But one morning my mom took us in early in the morning cause she had to work a late night.

So we went in and some lady walked up to us that we've never seen before and said "hey your son can't be in here!" she was as rude as could be. My little brother's face was broken, 'Like what?'

So anyway my mom said "well we've been coming here every night and there hasn't been a problem." The lady just repeated herself. I gave my mom a sincere look, and basically my mom packed our things and we left.

Then it came to my mom, like a light bulb had clikced off. The only thing we saw in the last two months were a bunch of older people. The ones in their near fifties, and sixties. We now know why.

They don't accept anyone with a membership in the weight room and gym unless they are 13. No wonder no families come there. We have about had it and now on our way to find a new place because we want a place where being or trying to be fit won't be a issue, because of people's discrimination.

The sad thing is now my brother doesn't under stand why people are the way they are, and it's because of his size.

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