Illinois Obesity

by Austin
(Lincoln, Illinois)


My name is Austin. I'm from a small town in the middle of Illinois. And there are many obese children around here.

I'm not obese myself but I used to be. I was a rather chunky when I was growing up, but one day my Dad said to me; son, you should try out for a sport. So I decided to try out for football because my Dad said that bigger people can play that sport and be good at it.

So I played for a couple of years and started to notice that I was losing weight, fast! So I started trying out for other sports so that I could be like all my friends and be skinny and get all the girls.

Well I played soccer for two years, basketball for four years, and I am still playing football to this day. This is my 9th consecutive year playing football and I am now the varsity quarterback for our football team.

My dad just recently passed away. So now, instead of doing it for me, I do it for him. So my advise to any young children that are overweight is to try out for a sport, you never know what it could do for you.

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