I Need A Work At Home Job

by Beth Googins
(Trenton, N.J.)

I am a stay at home mom and I need a work at home job. I've been looking for an online job to help supplement our families income. Does anyone know of anything LEGIT??? legit being the key word here... that doesn't cost any money?

I may be pushing it a bit by asking for free. I'll rephrase that and ask does anyone have any useful information for me to pursue my goal?

I was doing research on childhood eating habits when I noticed the How I Did This page. Until now I have not considered building a website this does sound intriguing.


The safest way not to get burned is to create your own online business. People are doing this everyday and doing quite well. Remember there is no such thing as get rich quick and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Everyone has a passion or a hobby. So how do you make money from a passion. Information, information, information. Build a website through a trusted web builder that offers the tools needed to succeed.

By giving away free information you start to build trust. The search engines give you free targeted traffic and after you're getting 30-50 unique visits a day add an affiliate program related to your site concept.

You can also add google adsense for extra income while you continue to build more content. It does take some research and motivation. Nothing comes easy.

Before you get started you need to work on a site concept and blue print. Also check out the would be competition to see what is or is not working for them and make your site unique. This work at home moms e-book may be useful.

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