How To Start My Own Website

by Annie
(Kalamazoo. MI)

I want to know how to start my own website.

For example: lets say my name is Annie and I want my website to be called

How do I go about doing it? does this make any sense?

I want to start an internet barkery for dog goodies.


I assume you meant internet bakery for dog goodies and treats. Since you want to do this online I'd be researching a good niche name for starters.

Something like or for a few ideas. The next step is to brainstorm a site concept.

What is your most wanted response? You'll need to have web hosting and unless you are familiar with HTML you'll need a site builder that is wysiwyg.

I like the idea it sounds like you could have a lot of fun building a site on this concept. You can see how to build a hard goods website on this link or if you'd like here is the action guide. Good luck and have fun.

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