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I know you came here to learn more about child obesity and to find solutions. My "How I Did This" page was chosen because I frequently get asked, "How are you making a living by helping others with obesity problems?"

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I was raised in an upper middle class family. My father taught or was headmaster at most of the private schools that I attended. I saw all "walks of life", as some of my classmates came from different cultures. I also saw all shapes and sizes.

Being a caring individual, I always felt sorry for the kids that were carrying a little extra baggage. They tended to have lower self esteem, were picked on, had violent outbursts, got to the point of tears, and sometimes simply crawled into a shell. I decided I was going to build a website to educate and help others find solutions, because my heart went out to these kids.

Unfortunately, I had no idea how I was going to accomplish this dream and I knew nothing about building my own website.

My How I Did This Journey Begins

One day I found this special report entitled The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing. What I learned was inspiring. At the time I had not heard of attraction marketing and since they were giving away a months worth of business building tutorial training for a buck I figured; what the heck.

I discovered, through the tools and information inside, how to make my dream a reality, thanks to the straight forward, no nonsense approach of its author Ann Sieg. As an affiliate I was able to earn passive income to help fund my dream, and also get an education in the process.

The bell really went off when I found, thanks to the The Renegade Network Marketer, the answer to my problem and dream.

Ken Evoys Site Build It! This is how I did this. After Googling Site Build It and doing some of my own research I discovered that SBI is not just a web builder and hosting site. It's the most complete set of tools including everything you need to build a successful online business.

SBI is designed for anyone who wants to own a website and, in time, make money with it, from amateurs to webmasters. Incidentally SBI is offered as a course at several different Colleges and Universities. That doesn't happen by accident.

SBI utilizes a building block system that is simple and well explained, thanks to their Action Guide. All the information on the site is totally free, and they are always adding something new. Here's a sample of what's available:

  • keyword optimization
  • template design
  • niche choosing
  • search engine ranking and optimization
  • tracking
  • brainstorming modules for content building and monetization
  • autoresponders
  • web mail
  • Content 2.0 ( your visitors create web pages for you)
  • and so much more.

I never get bored with SBI because I am always finding something new and useful. When I first started with SBI it took me a while to figure out the best resource available . . . the Forums. Anything and everything is in these pages. Questions, concerns, help - and the best part is, SBI members all want to help each other. There is no competition or ultra egos at Site Build It!

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

I happily give away free information and help people find solutions because the benefits are three-fold, thanks to SBI's high ranking 5 Pillar Club, which is also free to members.

The 5 Pillar Club is a totally separate entity to SBI, and ranks as one of the top 3 affiliate programs on the internet. It is what helps fund my site and leaves me with a handy profit. Inside the club you have access to a Promotion Center with over 70 unique RR URLS for your promotion. You can find a promotion for your exact target audience. Plus Snippet Build It, Video Build It, Blog Build It, Off Line Marketing Sales Kit, Accounting , and Masters Courses, like SBI's famous, free Affiliate Masters Course, etc.

Many of us find that getting started is one of the hardest things to do. That is where the 6th Pillar Program comes in handy. This program, like the 5th Pillar Club, is free to non SBI owners too. It's a simple 8 step program that uses some of the techniques described in SBI, and teaches you how to PRE sell effectively. This is how I did this and how I learned to generate revenue effectively.

Chances are pretty good that you found my website through a search engine. Hmmm. Thank you, SBI! You see, SBI helps you build your web pages so they rank highly with the search engines. If you didn't build a page correctly for the search engines, The Analyze It! tool will tell you why and how to correct it. It's fool proof.

You can also monetize with Google Ad Sense. Simply advertise for them on your site and get paid a per-click fee.

A Neat Video from a Child

Here's a cute Site Build It Video about a 6-year-old girl who loves SBI because it means that her mom is home during the day.

Take It for a Test Drive

J. P. Rouse, Platinum Author You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. I got lucky when I found SBI, and now it is your opportunity to have the same "luck". Brainstorm a niche that you have a passion for and watch it change your life. Write down on paper everything that you love to do. What solutions to problems do you have that would benefit other people? You'd be surprised by what you may discover. Keep it interesting, be sure you are passionate about it, and have fun. I love it!

SBI is 100% risk free. There is no trial period and no fancy fine print to be concerned with. Their guarantee is the best in the business, because SBI is the best in the business.

Like the quote from the Alka Seltzer commercial from the 70's, "Try It You'll Like It".

I Love SBI!

So do lots of other folks. Here's the main reason why...Click Here.

Thanks for reading my how I did this page. I'll see you soon on the world wide web.

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