How Does Brainstorm It Do It ?

by Jeremy
(St. Cloud, Minn.)

I was looking at the SBI link on this page and was wondering how does brainstorm it do it and what are the best keywords?

I've been contemplating the idea of starting a website but seem to get hung up on the keywords. I know they are critical to any websites success so how is this tool better than the rest?


You are right about keywords. They are the engine of any website and lots of people get hung up on them. Lets first start with:

what are the best keywords. That all depends on your Site Concept. Keywords are specific to your Theme. If your site is about New York City, then New York City Hotels and New York City Restaurants would be specific keywords.

Keywords should have a high “value demand”. The more your keyword is searched the greater its chance to monetize.

Brainstorm it has a module called the Master Keyword List. This module provides the value demand for each keyword. The combination of search demand and monetizability is much more useful than demand alone.

Keywords should also have a low “real supply”. Meaning that other web pages are not serious about that keyword ( less competition) this number should be low.

The Master Keyword List uses a very sophisticated way of determining supply unlike any other research tool in the world. Its called

competitive supply “real supply”. In a nut shell: High Value Demand and low Real Supply translates into a higher specific keyword's profit potential.

Brainstorm It was developed to do all the hard work for you which enables you to concentrate more on building keyword focused content pages. And it does it all in a matter of minutes.

Here is what Brainstorm It does:

  • identifies the best site concept for you
  • finds hundreds of related topics (keywords) about that concept for you
  • provides the Value Demand and Real Supply for each keyword. This determines the profit potential of those topics.
  • plans your monetization potential for you.
  • creates a Content Blueprint
  • helps finalize your Site Concept
  • finds the perfect domain name for your site.

  • Wordtracker, which is one of the best if not the best keyword tool on the market, has teamed up with SBI for its tool to be part of Brainstorm It.

    This in itself is worth the cost of SBI since wordtracker costs $329.00/yearly or $59.00/mo. SBI's whole package is only $299.00/yr. You get 25 wordtracker querries included in the costs of SBI. After that it is $20.00 for 100 or $50.00 for 500.

    Final note:

    Don't be afraid of using " long tail" keywords ( 3 or 4 word phrases) sometimes these could be diamonds in the rough, more targeted to your audience, and more reliable.

    You'll learn about more reliable keywords and long tail keywords after you've built 30 pages when SBI will open up the Monetize It module.

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