Highly Intelligent 16 Year Old

by Mom n Dad
(Redwood City, CA)

Our son is such a great kid..he does not get into the typical trouble that most teens do (so far) but he is addicted to his computer game and driving his car. He is a highly intelligent 16 year old (5.0) GPA student who is very focused on his goals for the future academic college years.

But he has no desire to lose the 60lbs that he is over weight. He is only 5'6 and weighs at least 235lb's. We know as parents we should probably take away his car and computer games/computer in general until he learns to eat right and EXERCISE.

He constantly tells us that he doesn't understand our problem when he is just fine with his huge body and has no problem being the height and weight he is.

We know that he has no idea (although he will be a Pre-Med student in less than a year) that he is setting himself up for some really tough issues in his young adult life.

His Father is Pre-Diabetic and must control it with diet and exercise. His mother (me) has cardiovascular disease and at age 49 have already had 2 open heart surgeries to repair left main 97% block and then another open Heart surgery 3 months later to perform a bypass.

We are frightened that our highly intelligent 16 year old is headed down the wrong path for good health, but at the same time, do not want to punish such a wonderful mind and spirit.

He is really a great person but lacks self-motivation to get control of his obesity and terrible eating habits.

We (his parents) do not over eat and walk everyday except on Sundays, unfortunately our highly intelligent 16 year old son will not come along.

He has a physical with blood work coming up at the end of March and his Doctor has been with him since he was born.

We can only pray that the Doc "scares" him in a way that wakes him up and makes him realize that he is in for some hard times down the road if he doesn't get things under control and start having some self-respect about his looks his health.

Any suggestions other than what we have mentioned sure would be helpful Thank You - scared parents in N. CA

Thank You - Teri Anderson.

Oh Yea! We didn't mean to repeat ourselves but we did post this to another area of this wonderful website.

We're very new to online Content 2.0, sorry if you have read this elsewhere. But we really need some help...We have been fighting for so many years and feel helpless.

Thank you for this vehicle/Avenue to reach out to your readers. We have graciously donated $20 towards the cause.

Many thanks!
Teri and worried husband.


Teri and Worried Husband,

First off! Thank you for the contribution. This is what helps me fund this site and keep forging forward with my cause.

I did keep your submission on the Teen Obesity page because it addresses some of the causes of teen obesity.

Sedentary lifestyles. What strikes about your highly intelligent 16 year old is that many obese teens (not all) get ridiculed by classmates because they are different or don't 'fit in".

The result is lack of motivation, less time in School, and psychological problems not because of the obesity but because of the peer pressure.

Your son is different though..God bless him for that. He has a vision and cut through all the negative noise to be intelligent despite the ridicule.

I kept your submission on this page "parents of Obese Children" because it also addresses the concerns that parents have.

I have to be careful about what I say out of respect and confidentiality. But, unfortunately, a great deal of my e-mails are from relatives about their concerns. Because the parents are not setting a good example.

Which is why you won't read about those horror stories on this site. You and your husband are setting a good example.

Allow me to make a tiny suggestion just as a start to getting your intelligent 16 year old moving.

First: If he has a vision to be a doctor and help people achieve better health he needs to be setting a good example.

Second: Is it possible for you and your husband to alter your daily walk pattern? Such as: Instead of going to the park for a walk. Walk around the block. Or if your in a rural area around the development.

Have him join you for a small segment. Then you can continue with your routine. In a week or two increase his distance. You may find that he can handle more distances and there is some great bonding that you can accomplish at the same time.

I hope this helps and that he agrees. Oh yea. Bring along some water and maybe celery sticks for him to munch on.

I mentioned in my other response a very successful 100% natural Herbal Remedy that may help if he gets moving JuniorSlim
I've seen wonderful results. However perhaps the TeenSlim
is a better option due to his age.

Please stay in touch with this site. We'd love to hear about his success and yours as parents.

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