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Great Suggestion Yet Simple.
by: Charles

I have to say that your great suggestion, as simple as it sounds, about altering the walk routine to get her son moving is brilliant.

The trick, of course, is getting him to comply. I'm not sure that taking his car and video games away is the answer. That could be cause for resentment.

Kids today have it so much easier than we did. And easy means reason to be lazy. Computers and cell phones to name a few. Gosh! The other day I saw a young child (couldn't be more than 10) walking down the street with a cell phone.

Parents may so that the phone is a way to keep in touch. But...From experience I get the response: The phone was on silent..or the battery died.!

What happened to the way it was when I was a kid when Mom simply yelled out the window "Charles..Suppertime"

Of course that also means I was out of the house and Active. So, I can't blame you wonderful - loving- and caring parents for your intelligent sons lethargy. I do blame society and the way children today have Learned to Train Parents.

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