Great Review Of Site Build It

by Theodore
(Alexandria, Va. )

Wow! That was the best review that I have read in a very long time. I am somewhat familiar with Site Build It, well; now I am much better informed.

A few years ago I came very close to purchasing SBI but held off because I wasn't totally convinced and I was impatient. Their landing pages are convincing but how do you really know?

After reading your Dr. Ken Evoys Site Build It Review I am a believer. Sometimes its best to hear it from an actual user and since this was on your SBI website I can see the final product.

I guess its fair to say that instant gratification is not an option with Site Build It. I only wish I had read a review that was this good a few years ago because I would have jumped aboard back then.

By the way, I don't make it a regular habit to post comments on websites but you caught my attention and I now see the value in SBI.


Thank you for the kind words. In my opinion Site Build It is the real deal which makes creating a page such as this fairly easy. When you understand the process and follow the guide as instructed eventually you "get it".

There's a ton of information and it can get overwhelming which is why you need to stay focused on one task at a time.

Site Build It has a handful of free e-books and they are all excellent. In your present situation I recommend reading Make Your Site Sell.

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