Genetics do have a role in childhood obesity and in many cases it is the cause of childhood obesity. Genes are the traits that are passed on from generation to generation also known as heredity. It is most commonly noticed within siblings who have similar mannerisms or speech patterns. Genes are also a factor in body height and weight. Tall parents generally have tall children, thin parents generally have thin children, and obese parents generally have obese children.

Knowing that we have no control over our genes or DNA and since it would take generations for our genes to evolve means it is up to us to take control of the obesity problem. The role that genes plays in obesity is not the excuse for obesity it's the reason to do something about it.

There are many contributors to childhood obesity genetics just being one of them so the solution is diet, nutrition, exercise, and positive lifestyle changes. This has to start with the parents being role models and setting the example. Children follow our lead so our own eating habits are what they perceive to be normal diet. If we surround ourselves with healthy habits our children will follow the lead.

How parents approach food, exercise, and feelings makes a direct impact on how children view themselves. Emotional eating and how we handle tempers also influence weight gain. When we offer food as a way of controlling a temper tantrum we are only making a tense situation more calm. If food is the only alternative then make it healthy. Instead of a bowl of ice cream, which will make any child happy, make it an apple or an orange. Not only is it healthier but it also doesn't have all the sugar that ice cream contains so they won't be as hyper.

Many obese children have obese parents which explains the genetics role in childhood obesity. Educating your children on the consequences of obesity will help them better understand the importance of lifestyle changes and better eating habits. When they learn more about cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and the dangers of childhood obesity it makes it easier for them to cope and gives them good reason to make lifestyle changes.

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