Fat parents promote fatness to their children.

by Fredrick

My story is a tragedy.

I am a fit 67 Kilo 22.6 BMI. I have always been fit and I still train. My Daughter was slim and lovely. But her Mother was fat. I did get her active and she lost weight a bit.

However, I broke up with the Mother after 3 years, but still kept seeing my Daughter twice a week, but I noticed the Mother was putting on weight again and to make matters worse she took on a fat boyfriend in the house.

He was aggressive toward me and I got to see my Daughter less and less. Then I noticed my Daughter was getting fat and I asked the Mother to put her on a diet to lose weight. But I was told to mind my own business.

My Daughter got bigger and bigger and now she is 18 and weighs about 18 Stone and the mother weighs 17 Stone and her boyfriend weighs about 20 Stone, so my poor Daughter was surrounded by fat people and told it is OK to be fat.

I saw the mother recently and said I am worried about my Daughter being overweight. But she went into a screaming rage saying my Daughter is OK and not at all fat (18 Stone) and to leave her alone.

I despair. I feel helpless to do anything. Fat people really do promote fatness and are constantly living in denial. They won't be told that it is a very bad way of life.

Kind Regards.
Fred. Oxford.

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