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Lousy Role Model,
by: Anonymous

It is obvious to me that you yourself have issues and just maybe your daughter may feel emotional pressure from you----and hence eats to fill up empty feelings.

So allow me to ask, will you as DAD accept her overweight or thin, as she is the same child.

Maybe acceptance is what she is internally seeking!

Next time think of it from her perspective, not yours!!!!!!! And then just maybe she will loose some weight.

Editor Comment:

I'd hate to see this discussion get nasty. That is not the purpose of this website. Afterall; it is called Help Cure Child Obesity.

Being a positive role model is extremely important. When it comes to obesity that role includes food choices as well as emotional support.

In defense of Frederick; It appears that he is deprived of the opportunity to be a good role model. Why? Because as parents they are more focused on bickering and pointing fingers rather than putting their own personal issues aside for the benefit of their overweight daughter.

Mom needs to be a better role model by offering healthier food choices. Not only will her daughter benefit but so will she and her boyfriend. Dad needs to be a better role model by accepting the fact that his daughter is not available to him 24/7. His role is more of emotional support. "I love you as you are because you are special".

Both parents need to make changes because overweight children do need special love.

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