Fast Food Child Obesity

Fast Food Child Obesity

Because of fast food child obesity, the site of overweight kids has become more and more common. The number of overweight and obese children has grown to almost 30% over the last 20 years, which is causing "adult" diseases to make early appearances. The growth of obesity rates in children is linked to the growth of fast food restaurants, as well as processed fast food in grocery stores.

When you consider what fast food restaurants serve, it is really no wonder that fast food child obesity is growing at epidemic proportions. For the most part, if you wanted to create the perfectly unhealthy meal, it would probably be a quick meal at a fast food restaurant. A burger, fries and coke is loaded with too many calories that are too high in saturated fat and sugar. The burger is often made of hormone injected meat and contains some kind of wheat based filler. There is little fiber, too many carbohydrates and no fruit to be found in the meal.

At school children often face the same kind of choices found at fast food restaurants. It is often a matter of economics. Schools can purchase pre-fried corn dogs cheaper than fresh fruit and vegetables. The snack machines in the cafeteria or hallways only contain processed cheese crackers, chips, donuts and candy bars. Even packages of nuts are loaded with too much salt. When children are given few healthy nutritional choices, they are bound to experience weight gain leading eventually to obesity

Don't Supersize . . . Downsize!

Even many foods purchased at the grocery store are unhealthy. Processed foods that are freeze dried or canned are often loaded with fat, sugar and sodium in order to improve flavor. TV dinners serve enough calories on one tray to fulfill a whole day's worth of calories! If you read the back of a can of processed food you will often find there is little protein and several days worth of carbohydrates. The vitamin and mineral content is almost non-existent.

The popularity and advertising overload of fast food is a reflection of the busy lives families lead. But "super sizing" a meal at the local fast food restaurant, or counting on canned food for good nutrition, is not healthy. Helping a child lose weight so he or she is no longer obese requires avoiding fast food. Instead of super sizing the amount of junk food eaten, the family needs to downsize the calorie count. The only thing that should be super sized is the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables and the amount of exercise added to the daily routine.

Fast food child obesity has grown steadily, causing dangerous health conditions. It is easy to change from eating fast food to eating healthy nutritional meals. It mostly takes a determination to live a quality lifestyle, one that protects your child from the dangers presented by obesity.

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