Daughter Drives Me Nuts

by Annie and George
(Houston, Texas)

Thanks for the information I really needed this because my daughter drives me nuts. She is defiant to us and gets really angry when we try to make her accountable.

At first we thought her behavior was a stage or going through hormonal changes. Or perhaps, that is what we were hoping for. Her behavioral problems in school led to several suspensions and a huge embarrassment to my husband and myself.

She locks herself in her room and plays video games, her room is a disaster, and when make demands she gets violent.

We were at a point that we feared approaching her because of ( what you mentioned in the article) provoking another outburst.

Lately she has had issues with the law and like you mentioned in the article we think shes headed for a detention center. What really hit me in the article though was the problem solving issues. We never thought of that as the heart of the problem.

We,like your friend, have provided her with all the services necessary. They aren't working. When we go into the psychiatrists office or psychologists office they ask things like "How does it make you feel when your Mom asks you to clean your room?"

After previewing your recommendation we like the approach. You leave the doctors office and that's it till next visit. But teaching parents about exactly what to say at any given issue seems to be more effective.

What was it? Effective parenting I think? Hopefully I won't be saying my daughter drives me nuts anymore. We're going to take you up on the recommendation.

Thanks again..We'll keep you posted on her results.

Annie and George

Response: Thanks for your comment. I'm sure that you will see positive results but it will take some effort on your part.

FYI..The order page link is in the upper right hand corner. If you use the 800 number they will try to upsell you on other products.

Choice is yours but you will still get the program for 30 days trial. You will only pay the 19.00 shipping if you decide that its not for you. Plus the 90 day survey gets it all for free.

Good luck!

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