Children's Eating Habits And Coca-Cola

by Miguel
(Santiago, Chile)

I firmly believe that the childrens eating habits are mostly responsible for the obesity problems, but lets not forget the amount of soda people in Latin America drink.

I was born and raised here in Chile but do travel often to the United States. I have close friends that actually start their day drinking a coke with their breakfast.

When parents allow their kids to have soda for breakfast, lunch and dinner and don't encourage them to drink more water or milk you know those kids are going to get overweight, obese, and possibly even develop diabetes.

In the US I often have a glass of milk and try to do the same here, even though the milk tastes strange to me. When I drink milk straight out of the glass here in Chile people give me funny looks for using milk for something other than cereal or coffee.

And, of course, the preference for soda and fake juice over water, milk and real juice is just unhealthy.

When I'm thirsty, a Coke won't cut it, I want something to hydrate me! I don't understand why more Chileans don't get hospitalized for dehydration.

Editors comment:

You make some very good points about the coca-cola consumption in Chile. Chile ranks #3 worldwide in coca-cola beverage product consumption per capita.

Surprisingly, Mexico leads the pack at #1 followed by the United States at #2. It appears that many Chileans may suffer from calcium deficiency particularly since they don't consume milk on a regular basis.

There are, however, other good sources of calcium from dairy products such as : Yogurt, cheeses ( american, ricotta, cheddar, and mozzarella) , eggnog, and milk shakes.

Some non dairy products that are also good calcium foods are: Almonds, broccoli, peas, salmon, sardines, okra, spinach to name a few.

Calcium makes up about 2% of our total body's weight most of which is in our bones and teeth. The rest in our blood performing a variety of functions such as: making our heart beat, controlling heart rhythm, blood clotting, and making hormones and enzymes that control digestion and produce energy.

As a matter of fact, calcium in your blood is so important to keeping you alive that your bones will actually give up their calcium to keep your blood levels normal.

The problem is if your bones are doing this day after day they become thin, weak , and brittle. So its important to get enough calcium in your diet to supply some for your blood and even more for your bones.

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