Childhood Eating Problems

When it comes to childhood eating problems many times the parents are the last ones to know that their child is battling an eating disorder. Although you would assume that they are in a perfect position to be involved often times because of their childs privacy issues the childhood eating problems become unnoticeable. As parents we want to nurture and protect so once the eating disorder is recognized we have no choice but to be actively involved. But How?

The first thing that must be done is to be supportive and be sure that your child knows how much you love them. Both parent and child want to live happy, healthy, normal lives and in many cases that may involve therapy. So it is important that the parents involvement is in sync with health professionals plan for recovery. It is the parents involvement that will help the recovery process for the simple fact that they see the day to day routines.

Be The Observer

There is only so much that can be accomplished in the therapist office, testing will give results only after the disease is into a medically necessary stage, so it is up to the parents to note the childhood eating problems. Eating disorders are diseases that quite naturally are going to appear around meal times. Pay special attention to how they do or do not eat. Do they come up with lame excuses not to eat such as they ate at a friends house? Do they push their food around the plate making it appear as if they ate some of their meal? Are they eating their meal or just nibbling here and there? Are they the last to arrive to the table at meal times and the first to leave? Do they get antsy or show signs of depression at meal times? This parental involvement is critical to your childs recovery because no one else is around to be the observer.

Some parents have difficulties being the observer with childhood eating problems because they feel as though they are being too controlling and are afraid of causing a negative reaction. They feel as though they are intruding in their childs privacy and start believing that the eating disorder is their fault. Parents need to know that the eating disorder and lack of proper nourishment effects their childs rational thinking.

Nurture Your Child To Better Health

If there ever was a time for parents to be nurturing now is the time. They must understand that the eating problems are affecting their childs ability to function under normal conditions. Until they become more self sufficient they need their parents whether they want to admit it or not. Don't feel as though you are controlling them because you are not. You are showing them unconditional love that will be appreciated once they become more responsible with their eating habits.

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