A Good Child Weight Loss Camp
Lasts Long Past Summer

Child Weight Loss Camp

A child weight loss camp actually lasts long past summer, because the child learns how to maintain a healthy weight. A summer weight loss camp is not just about losing weight for the sake of losing weight. The camp program focuses on the management of diet and physical activity for losing and maintaining the right weight for the child's size.

Children's weight is a moving target as they grow and mature. The body mass index for a child will change every year, which means it's important to use the right measurement index for the age group. A camp that is dedicated to helping children lose weight assists each participant with weight loss on a weekly basis, but by teaching lifestyle changes that can continue at home.

This is one of the most important features of a weight loss camp for children. It's not a "fat farm" or a quick weight loss program. It is an adventure that teaches that choosing a healthy lifestyle can be fun and not an ordeal of self-deprivation. Overweight children are able to have fun and participate in a variety of physical activities without enduring the ridicule or loss of self-esteem experienced in school.

Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle

A camp that has been designed for overweight children offers many advantages over other camps. The intent of the camp is to help overweight children lose their excess weight, but it is not done in a demanding or demeaning manner. Children are able to meet others who need to lose weight, too, and can share their experiences and issues.

There are many activities and programs that teach healthy lifestyle choices in interesting ways that children can understand. They learn about choosing the right foods, the dangers of fad diets, what it takes to get fit, and how to exercise by participating in a variety of activities. The children participate in many sports and events they would not even think about trying at school out of fear or ridicule.

The camps also focus on helping children restore their self-esteem. Overweight children frequently suffer feelings of low self-esteem, because other children have made them feel inadequate. At camp, the kids can participate in any physical activity they choose, and begin acting like children again.

A child weight loss camp teaches children how to lose weight the right way and how to keep it off long after camp ends.

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