Child Obesity Treatment
Tough Decision

child obesity treatment

Choosing to have child obesity treatment (surgery) is probably the most difficult decision that parents ever have to make. Weight loss surgeries among children has dramatically increased of the past few years and some as young as 11 have already gone under the knife. Getting to this point means that you've had enough. You've tried every diet under the sun all to no avail. You are tired of your child being bullied and want them to live a normal life.

Child obesity treatment is not a magic pill. For it to work properly your child will have to follow a strict diet for the rest of their lives and most will have to take supplements to fend off malnutrition and weak bones. If they don't the consequences could be gaining some or all of the weight back. Due to the lack of available research it is important to balance the risks versus the benefits. Parents need to ask themselves two questions. Is it medically necessary? ... Is their child mature enough to understand the risks?

Gastric-bypass surgery is an operation that reduces fat absorption by altering the digestive system. It involves closing off the top off the stomach to make a small pouch bypassing the upper intestine and lower stomach. Food passes through the pouch to the small intestine where nutrients and fat are processed for the body to use.

Stomach-banding does not alter the digestive system instead it reduces how much a person can eat. This is a procedure where plastic rings are strategically placed around the stomach below the diaphragm and the esophagus. Inside the rings is a solution made up of saline that can be filled to shrink the passageway.

Having surgery for child obesity treatment does produce results initially. As long as there are not any complications your child will lose a lot of weight. Their overall health will improve, blood pressure will drop, risk of heart disease, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, and even some cancers will be reduced. They will happily participate in activities that prior to surgery were impossible.

Success Is In The Aftercare

Surgery is not the cure and it is important that after child obesity treatment a program is in place. Psychological counseling, diet and nutrition support, and further education is necessary. Lifestyle changes are needed to ensure success. An exercise regiment will increase the odds of success threefold.

This will be a major change from the lives they have been living. They are embarking on uncharted ground , doing things that they have not been able to do for years, and we need to continuously remind them to stay focused. Which is why the counseling is so critical. These children are in the early stages of their lives and are about to go through a traumatic experience. Their immaturity may get in the way of their aftercare as they start to feel more comfortable with themselves. They need a constant reminder of what it was like before surgery in order for success.

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