Child Obesity Prevention
is Better than Treatment

Child Obesity Prevention

Obviously, child obesity prevention is much better than child obesity treatment. In order to prevent children from becoming obese, it's necessary to pay close attention to nutritional details in the child's life. It also means teaching children about healthy nutrition from a very young age. It's just as easy to feed a child a piece of fruit as it is to feed a child a cookie.

It has been proven that parents who are overweight are much more likely to have children who are also overweight. This makes sense when you think about the fact the family usually eats the same foods and members of the family have the same attitudes about exercise.

Children are imitators and will copy their parents, so you need to set a good example. If you are overweight, then you should get your weight within a healthy range while also teaching your children how to escape from obesity and stay healthy.

There are many ways to teach a child how to not put on excessive weight. Child obesity prevention is in the details. What this means is that calories add up quickly when poor nutritional choices are made. For example, canned and bottled sodas have no nutritional value and contain useless calories. Snacks do not have to be cookies or cakes. They can be fruit, yogurt or granola bars, to name just a few of the healthy choices available.

Family Plan

Preventing child obesity is a family effort. It requires developing a healthy lifestyle at home that sets an example for the children. It's important to not obsess about a child's weight, because that can lead to eating disorders when they reach the teen years. Instead, the focus should be on what are the right things to do. Children can learn to make the right choices, so when parents are not around they will continue to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Families should make regular exercise an important part of the home lifestyle. You can join a family fitness center and exercise together, or simply enjoy active family activities such as walking or swimming. Children must be prevented from spending their entire free time sitting.

Other things parents can do to prevent child obesity include the following:

  • Reduce or eliminate unhealthy snacking, especially late at night
  • Don't use food for rewarding or punishing
  • Keep healthy foods in the pantry and refrigerator
  • Always start the day with a good breakfast, which increases the metabolism
  • Eat as many meals as possible as a family, and teach how important it is to eat slowly

Above all, discuss with older children the fact that fad diets and diet pills simply don't work. There is only one way to approach child obesity prevention, and that's by burning more calories than are consumed. Prevention is better than treatment.

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