Child Obesity Facts
The Bottom Line

Understanding child obesity facts is the first lesson to be learned before we can solve the problem. Childhood obesity has grown to be an epidemic that has health professionals scurrying to help families cope with the problem and find solutions. It is obvious that poor nutrition and lack of exercise are the major contributors of child obesity.

Modern technology has lured our children into sedentary lifestyles. Between cell phones, computers, and video games they are getting less exercise and while engaging in these activities they are developing eating disorders.

There was a time when most children walked to and from school. This may not seem like much exercise but it is, in fact, more than they may be getting now. Parents feel a need to do the school run because of work schedules or other family reasons and as a result their children don't get the morning exercise.

Since over one third of school aged children are considered either overweight or obese it is fair to say that they are not alone in dealing with the obese issue. This is important for them to understand so they don't feel singled out. Many times when children realize that it is not only their issue they will respond more favorably to open dialog rather than acting out.

Parents of an obese child can improve their child's self esteem by emphasizing the child's strengths and positive qualities rather than just focusing on their weight problem. It is imperative that we educate our children on the facts about proper nutrition as well as exercise.

We also have to practice good eating and shopping habits ourselves. Restocking our shelves with health snacks and adding more fruits and vegetables to our refrigerators will help encourage better eating habits.

Make It A family Affair

Involving our children in meal planning as well as cooking meals together will help them learn about the child obesity facts and encourage them to practice better nutrition. During mealtime it is best to serve from the kitchen rather than the table to discourage the desire for a second helping.

Unfortunately the facts are that many obese children grow up to be obese adults. Child obesity does not have to be a permanent condition . It can be cured with proper nutrition and exercise.

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