Blame For Teen Obesity

When you consider who to blame for teen obesity - think about this - over 15% of teenagers in the United States are obese. What's worse is that over 15% of pre-teens are also considered obese. Children are developing adult diseases such as type II diabetes and high blood pressure at very young age.

Teenagers are being placed in jeopardy of increased risk for heart diseases as well as other diseases related to obesity. Overweight kids are a prime target for taunting, bullying, and teasing which effects their self esteem and can put them at risk of emotional disorders such as depression. Identifying the blame for teen obesity is a topic that will be debated for a very long time.

Children today have been exposed to more technology than any generation before them. The personal computer is the most modern technological invention that is like a magnet to kids. When kids start serfing the net they lose complete track of time and become more sedentary. Most times while using the computer they are snacking on junk food adding to the obesity problem.

We can't put the blame for teen obesity solely on computers. Television and video games are equally responsible for kids being less physically active.

Convenience stores and fast food restaurants are everywhere and most of their advertising targets children. Whether it is to get that next monopoly piece, have the newest big gulp, or the toys included with meals. Children have easy access to junk food that is high in fat and sugars.

We can't put the blame for teen obesity on our children, after all, they are just kids who can't resist sweets and treats. It is true that many times obese children have one or more obese parents. You could summarize that teen obesity is caused by poor habits passed on by their parents or genetics.

Who can we blame for teen obesity? We could blame Bill Gates for being a genius! We could blame Ray Kroc for buying out brothers Dick and Mac McDonald! We could blame 7/11 for being the first to introduce “super sizing” when they came out with the big gulp! The problem is we would get the same answer from all of them. “We didn't force you to make a purchase”. The blame may be under our own roofs.

We can't control the fast food industry and how they advertise. Although there have been rumblings about banning fast food advertising in some venues such as was done with cigarette advertising. Which was effective.

What we can control is our own lifestyles and how we manage our families. Setting limits on television usage, computer usage, and creating a healthier home is something that you can do.

Parents are role models to their children and children like to imitate their parents. Its never too late to make changes in lifestyles and eating habits. It means making adjustments and creating a healthier family.

Start by doing an inventory of the types of foods in the house. Eliminate the junk and stock up on more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Eat foods that are high in complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, low in fat, lean in protein, and cholesterol free.

Limit sugary foods, salt, and refined grain products such as breads, pastas, and breakfast cereal that are not whole grain.

Get the whole family moving by finding fun ways to get exercise. Exercise should not be torture so look for how you can make a family outing include physical activity. Bowling, walking, hiking, anything that the whole family can enjoy together.

Sometimes getting control of weight requires a little help. Proper diet, exercise, and a good natural herbal remedy will get the metabolism moving and restore balance. This way if you are ever asked: Who is to blame for teen obesity? You can hold your head up high and say “not this family."

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