Behavioral And Learning Problems

It's sad but true. Children can develop behavioral and learning problems as a result of the psychological effects from being overweight or obese. Children who get angry, frustrated, anxious or depressed have a tendency to overeat.

So what do you do? If you confront them you risk an explosive episode. If you do nothing you feel like an ineffective parent. Perhaps you avoid the food issue and talk about a different subject. If your child is having behavioral and learning problems you may get responses like “You don't understand”, “Leave me alone” or “It's unfair”.

I'd Like To Share A Story

I have a friend of ten plus years; she is a single parent with three children. As long as I've known her she gave her kids the best that she could. In my opinion she's a great parent who means well. She and her kids have lived a difficult life.

Her kids have always had the services available to them from counseling to psychiatric services. But they all have behavioral and learning problems mostly behavioral.

Her oldest ( a boy) is almost 20 who always seemed to find trouble and reacted violently when he didn't get his way. He ended up going to a Youth Development Center (Jail for kids) at the age of 16. But after doing two plus years in the Center his old patterns emerged. He got frustrated, angry, obnoxious, and defiant. He hadn't learned to be a problem solver.

The middle one (a daughter) who is 18 had a problem with food and definitely was overweight. I did what I could to help her with the food issues but she too had behavioral problems. She was so defiant and abusive that; like her brother ended up in a Youth Development Center. She is still there and doing better. She too acted out and had problem solving issues.

The baby (a daughter) who is 14 was spoiled like most babies are. However, she was following the path of her older siblings. Doesn't want to go to school, fights Mom, sneaks out at night, and is basically defiant. She does what she wants to do and has no fear of the consequences.

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How We Saved Her Kids Lives
And Our Headaches

By pure luck or a message from god we saw an ad and DVR'D it for what ended up being her solution. After viewing it several times we knew that we needed this for the benefit of the kids. The bonus was that we could get it for free if we simply did the program and returned a questionair/review within 90 days.

My friends children had serious behavioral and learning problems. I am so proud of their progress and her determination. I've personally seen the cd program and within the first 2 cds a few points really stuck out.

  • You can't be your childs best friend without having a child with behavioral and learning problems.
  • Kids train their parents.
  • Apologies are not followed by the word “but”.. “I'm sorry but Jonny made me do it”

I can't say enough about this program it wastes no time diving into behavioral and learning problems for children who are disrespectful, obnoxious, and abusive.

Here is a small taste of topics discussed inside to help you :

  • Your child always feels like the victim
  • Your child sees things as unfair
  • Your child insists that you just don't understand
  • Your child wants privacy but has no problem invading others privacy
  • When your child loses control you fear approaching them because you don't want to provoke another episode
  • Children train their parents
  • Your child is drawn to negative role models
  • Your child puts off responsibility to do what they want to do
  • And one of my favorites..Your child is the negotiator

In Conclusion

Most parents see positive results within days. However; if you are not motivated and willing to put your due diligence into changing the bad patterns to good in your children don't waste your money.

The cost is less than most psychiatrists/psychologists charge per hour. This is not an e-mail program. It's a cd program with work books that guide you through the process. It's easy to follow and effective.

Don't miss this comment

I highly recommend this Behavioral Program. for anyone who needs or knows someone who needs help with their children's behavioral and learning problems.

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