Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer System

Ann Siegs renegade marketer system was first introduced in 2007 and its popularity was a pleasant surprise particularly to Ann. The system was first designed to aid multi- level marketers; since this was Ann's main field.

However, the tools, process, and theory has since helped thousands of online marketers build successful marketing businesses. The reason for this is because Ann made just about every mistake that a network marketer could make. Her mistakes are now benefiting newbies at marketing as well as seasoned veterans.

Her theory is about building relationships, trust, giving away information, and being a solutions provider through attraction marketing.

Network marketing is sales and her system shows you how to create a steady stream of targeted prospects and at the same time generate an income on your advertising efforts. The best part is, Ann wants you to have success and Ann Siegs renegade marketer system teaches you, in a no nonsense fashion, how to have success and after you understand the theory she shows you how to mentor your team and explains why mentoring is important.

Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer System is packed with over 100 pages of specialized information about how this system works and why. My internet marketing experience was very limited when I first started so I didn't have any bad habits. What most impressed me was how brave Ann was to think “out of the box” and publish this e-book.

It works like this: when a person purchases Ann Siegs renegade marketer system you receive a 50% commission, plus you get a small commission on their sales, and you also get their name and e-mail address. This allows you to build a relationship and trust with your prospect.

You simply offer help, answer questions, and possibly build a business relationship together. The back office has over 40 different affiliate codes with well respected and tested companies such as clickbank, commission junction, Aweber , and other helpful links related to network marketing.

If it had not been for Ann Siegs renegade marketer system I never would have built this website. There are 2 reasons for that. First, I never would have learned the process and theory which is what inspired me to pursue my passion about childhood obesity. Second, because I never would have known about Site Build It, which is one of the many useful links in the back office.

Site Build It and Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer System fit together like “ hand in glove”. I signed up for this system through her son Isaiah's affiliate link. He is my team leader.

Since this is a 2 tier program he made a commission on my purchase of this system and also off my purchase of Site Build It. Not bad since he let the tools do the work for him and I was within his target audience.

If you find that this system is not for you there is a 100% money back no questions asked guarantee. The cost is only $67.00. With very little effort this system will pay for itself.

Two sales and you break even. I managed to do this within my first week without having a website. I placed an ad on Craigslist and actually showed a profit without spending a dime on advertising. The rest is history.

Ann Is At It Again

The History Of

Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer Professional

Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer Professional has a rather brief yet very successful history. Before I get into the nuts and bolts about this system I would like to explain what it is all about.

Attraction Marketing is the newest and most effective form of marketing. The concept is to position yourself as an expert by providing value, information, and solutions by first selling yourself.

Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer Professional will teach you why it is important to give away free information and how to provide value by being a solutions provider. The benefit is the relationships that you gain by being an information provider.

Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler, two of the top network marketing gurus, have teamed up to create a proven state of the art system that they guarantee with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Ann Sieg had been working on creating the new model for network marketers for nine months. What makes this system stand out from the crowd is the methodology that Ann, with the help of Mike Klingler, has developed.

The concept is to teach present and future network marketers by utilizing tutorials and Mikes expertise as an instructor. I prefer to call it " follow the leader".

Ann has more than fulfilled her promise when she once said

"this is projected to launch a whole new series of websites, tools and resources that are going to revolutionize the way information is taught and distributed in the network marketing industry. The demand for training, experts, teachers and coaches in this new model of network marketing is unprecedented and may be even bigger than the broader home based industry once it hits full swing."

On April 2, 2009 Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer Professional went into full swing for a brief period of time. Brief meaning less than 12 hours. Ann and Mike didn't want to overwhelm the customer service department and jeopardize the value to its new members.

What happened was at 11:00 a.m the doors were opened for members of the original Renegade Network Marketer System who opted in for Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer Professional Grand Opening. It was also open to a select group of people outside of the Renegade Network Marketers System who signed up for the early bird special.

They knew or thought they knew what their servers could handle. At 12:00 the doors were open to the general public and it was like a stampede. The servers nearly crashed and over 38,000 people were left at the doors. That is what I call a successful Grand Opening.

Finally after the dust settled, and presumably more servers, Ann and Mike decided to reopen the doors again. On April 6, 2009 the doors opened again for The Renegade Network Professional for a period of 2 days.

Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer Professional
The Best Back Office On The Net

Once you become a member you will have access to the most complete marketing tutorial system on the web. Your guide will lead you step by step on your marketing journey. Take your time and digest as much as you can.

The beauty of tutorials is you can always pause them to catch up or rewind to be sure to get it right the first time. Open a second window and do as Mike Klingler, in most cases, instructs. Click by click you will learn more attraction marketing techniques than you ever could imagine.

Here is the plan and steps.

Start Here Checklist:

It should take 1 week to 1 month to complete this section. This where it all begins. You will have 2 short pages of text to read. One is a welcome letter to get you prepared. The other a "Prepare yourself to win" letter. explaining the back office and setting goals.

Your third action step is to get centered on a goal. There are 3 tutorials here:

Next edit profile, Set up your personal site (all you really need to do is buy a domain name from around $10.00), follow the steps as outlined in prepare yourself as a professional, (Go Daddy will include an e-mail for you to be professional), and a 90 day action plan in PDF format.

You will then be directed to the main page.

  • Account options
  • Event calender
  • archived events
  • coaches and trainers
  • marketing merge news
  • Referrals
  • Affiliates
The last two are the meat of the system

Attraction marketing tutorials: (7 tutorials)
Free or low cost methods: (3 tutorials)

Social Marketing Phase 1:

  • Content Sharing (13 tutorials)
  • Article Marketing ( 6 tutorials)
  • Book marking (5 tutorials)
  • Social Sites (11 tutorials)
  • Blogs and Websites (3 tutorials)
  • Video Sharing (12 tutorials)

Take Your Marketing To The Next Level: (6 tutorials)

This is worth the cost of The Renegade Network Marketer Professional in itself. Keyword usage, finding profitable keywords, linking your articles, how to get high rankings on Google, and more.

Social Marketing Phase II:

  • Content Sharing (6 tutorials)
  • Article Marketing (1 tutorial)
  • Book Marking (5 tutorials)
  • Social Sites (2 tutorials)
  • Video Marketing (4 tutorials)
  • Video Sharing (7 tutorials)
  • Look Over My Shoulder (1 tutorial)
  • Hiring Writers (4 tutorials, 1 article)
  • Misc. Tutorials (9 tutorials)
  • Podcasting Training ( 2 tutorials)
  • Traffic exchanges ( 1 tutorial)
  • Craigslist ( 1 article)

Options That Cost:

  • Google adwords (10 tutorials)
  • Targeted Website Advertising (coming soon)
  • Ezines (coming soon)

Attraction Prospecting: Using The Phone (7 tutorials)

Writing With Pull (5 tutorials)

Lead Capture Pages (10 tutorials)

E-Mail Marketing (10 tutorials)

Finding And Marketing Your Niche (4 tutorials)

Creating Information Products (1 tutorial)

Lead Capture Pages (5 pre-made for you with your affiliate link)

Banner Ads For Back To School (7 for Renegade University)

Resources (9 tutorials)

Ad Tracker (coming soon)

Back To School ( Renegade University)

  • Step 1 (1 tutorial)
  • step 2 (9 tutorials)
  • step 3 (4 webinars totaling 4 hr. 45 min.)

Ann Siegs Renegade
Marketer Professional

Problems And Solutions

There was only one problem. Due to popular demand Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer Professional had to close its doors temporarily so as to provide the best value to their members.

In order to be sure to get your opportunity I would first suggest getting started with the Renegade University.

You will learn the core elements of the marketing system and get into action. Once you are ready to upgrade to the professional you will have a solid footing and be ahead of the curve.

If you are not sure how to get started your not alone. That is the primary reason this system was created using video tutorials for ease of use. Take the tour and you be the judge. Watch this video titled Better Than Google

you can even gain access to Ann Siegs Renegade Marketer Professional and actually see the online tutorial on squidoo and learn why this is popular and powerful.

Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler did their homework when they created the Renegade Network Marketer Professional. They have put together an extensive well organize system that is fool proof and they back it up with their 30 day money back guarantee.

The best way to get started is to become a free member of the Renegade University. You will learn how attraction marketing works, what to do when socializing for business and what not to do. This is the starting point for building a solid foundation on which your business will grow.

The click by click tutorials will show you how to set up accounts with the social networks that are keyword focused for your business and how to use the networks for your business.

The best part is this will work for anyone from beginners to veterans. If you want an online business (one that you choose) that will generate free targeted traffic and become a lead generating machine by position yourself as an expert then this is for you. And its free to join.

Renegade University

A Marketing Motto To Live By
  • Action plus little training = frustration
  • Training plus little action = poor results
  • An equal balance of training and action = an explosive online business that generates leads to your business because you have positioned yourself as an expert and have prospects contacting you because they want to hear what you have to say

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